Custom Clearance UAE

The Procedure of passing goods from customs department which can enter or leave the country is called the customs clearance after clearance a document will be given by customs authorities to Importer/Exporter that stated custom duty has paid and the goods can be moved.

Documentation Require For Customs Clearance Dubai,

  • Bill Of Lading
  • Delivery Order
  • Commercial Invoice/Invoice
  • Packing List
  • Certificate Of Origin
  • Certificate Of Health(food,Cosmetics Items)

If you find any problem regarding Custom Clearance We, at RSG , provide all the following services:

  • Sea & air import shipment clearance
  • Personal vehicle and personal house hold clearance
  • New and renew import code
  • New and renew custom card
  • Arrangement transportation for air & sea shipments
  • Company registration in Dubai municipality
  • Item registration in Dubai municipality
  • Food stuff clearance
  • Shipment Clearance
  • Cargo Clearing Dubai
  • Vehicle Clearance Certificate (VCC) for Gulf
  • Import/Export Statistical Report (MAQASA) for Gulf