Port Gate Pass Services

RSG group provides all types of entry passes to main ports all across UAE. Whatever be your requirement with UAE ports, we ensure that you have the right pass ready for you. RSG will process your entry pass within at an affordable price and will be processed at the earliest.

Types :

  1. Visitor Pass
  2. One day Entry Pass
  3. Temporary Gate Pass
  4. Permanent Gate Pass
  5. Tools & Equipment Pass

We serve the follows ports

  • Port Rashid
  • Hamriya Port
  • Jebel Ali Port
  • Fujeirah Port
  • Khalifa Port , Abu Dhabi

Gate pass online applications can be submitted on Tasreeh, a 24/7 online gate pass service, allowing hosting Free Zone companies and port visitors to issue passes, pay the relevant fees and receive approvals online.

One of the main aims of the electronic Gate Pass is to reduce manual intervention, enabling uninterrupted and seamless gate pass management and to provide a scalable system that can accommodate future growth of Jebel Ali Port and Jebel Ali Free Zone as well as the city’s readiness to host the global mega-event, Expo 2020.

Users of ‘Tasreeh’ can apply for six different types of passes based on different activities and durations. These include: Visitor Passes for those entering the Free Zone for interviews, meetings or training; One Day Passes; Temporary Gate Passes valid for a period of 1 week to 6 months; Permanent Gate Passes valid for one year; Tools and Equipment Passes valid for 1 day to 3 months and daily Photography or Videography Passes for onsite shoots within the Free Zone or respective ports