Dubai Municipality Registration

Dubai is most famous and unique business Hub for import and re-export of food Items.Dubai Municipality “Food control Department is aiming to provide the best system of inspection in import/export of food for traders at a regional and international level to facilitate the rapid release of shipments.

Require Documents for Registration in Dubai Municipality.

To Register, you need the following

  • Company’s trade license.
  • Company’s telephone and fax numbers.
  • Company’s email.
  • Post Office Box number of the company.
  • Name and mobile number of the company’s representative.
  • Location details of the warehouse of the company in Dubai.
  • Telephone and fax numbers of the warehouse.


Before importing any food product, the importing Company must ensure that they are already registered in Dubai Municipality.

Registration System of Food Products

Requirement for food label are the following

  • Application form.
  • Brand name.
  • Product name(with summarized description).
  • Food Ingredients (must in descending order according to weight and volume).
  • Production and expiry date of products.
  • Food manufacturer, packer, distributor name.
  • Volume or net weight.
  • Country of Origin.
  • Product Barcode.
  • Lot Number.
  • The language of the label shall be in Arabic.
  • Storage Condition if validity depends on such conditions.
  • Must mention the Ingredients which may cause the hypersensitivity

Using Instructions if needed Display nutrition information in case of product use for special needs such as baby food, patient food etc.

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  • Sea & air import shipment clearance
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  • Item registration in Dubai municipality
  • Foodstuff clearance
  • Shipment Clearance
  • Cargo Clearing Dubai
  • Vehicle Statistical Report (VCC) for Gulf
  • Import/Export Statistical Report (VCC) for Gulf